A Traditional Photo Lab

Dallas, Texas

2030 Empire Central Dr. #102 Dallas, TX 75235


Some ways to get us film, prints, etc:


1) Mail it to us:

    2030 Empire Central Drive #102

    Dallas, TX 75235


2) Drop it off at 2030 Empire Central #102, Dallas, TX 75235

    Look for the sign/door that says "Dependable Expendables"

    8am to 4pm, Monday through Friday


3) Drop it off during normal business hours at
    Don's Photo Equipment
    2731 Irving Blvd
    Dallas, TX 75207


Film drops must include a Work Order so we know what you need done. If you can't print the form simply jot down the appropriate info on a piece of paper and attach it to the film package.


We can mail your negatives back to you or you may pick them up at our location.

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