Price List

Film Processing
We can process any size and type of film.

B&W and C41 Color Negative: 110, 35mm, 120, 126, 127 $7.50
B&W and C41 Sheet Film (4x5, 5x7, 8x10, etc) $6.00
E6 Slide Film: 110, 35mm, 120, 126, 127 $9.50
E6 Sheet Film (4x5, 5x7, 8x10, etc) $7.00
Disposable Cameras $10.00
Push/Pull Processing $6.00


Film Scanning
Images are uploaded to our photo server. A link and password will be emailed to you. 

Small Scans: Suitable for 4x6 prints and web usage $13.75
Medium Sans: Suitable for 8x10 prints and web usage $16.75
Large Scans: Suitable for large format prints $24.75
Scans from mounted slides $0.65/ea
Scans from 4x6 prints $1.50/ea
Scans from 5x7 prints


Scans from 8x10 prints



Digital Printing

4x6 (Requires Small or Medium Scan) $2/ea
5x7 (Requires Small or Medium Scan) $6/ea
8x10 (Requires Medium or Large Scan) $15/ea
11x14 (Requires Large Scan) $25/ea
16x20 (Requires Large Scan) $45/ea
20x24 (Requires Large Scan) $75/ea


Wet Lab Printing
We use traditional enlargers to bring out the best from your film!

 B&W or Color
4x6 $10
5x7 $15
8x10 $35
11x14 $100
16x20 $150
20x24 $225